group members

principal investigator

Sasidhar Kondaraju
Assistant Professor
School of Mechanical Sciences
IIT Bhubaneswar
PhD: Wayne State University

Micro/nanoscale transport phenomena of liquids and ions has applications in the micro heat pipes, water desalination, self cleaning glasses, oil imbibition, ink jet printing, electrokinetic mixing, etc. However, study of microfluidics is complex and needs further understanding before technologies at micro/nanoscale can be developed. Dr. Kondaraju works on fundamental problems related to micro droplet condensation, solid-fluid interactions, dynamic wetting of droplets, imbibition of liquids in nanochannels, ion species mixing using lattice Boltzmann numerical simulations.

Another interesting area in the study of droplets is to understand the transport mechanism of droplets in capillaries. Droplets serve as excellent analogues to cells, and understanding the transport mechanism of droplets in microchannels can be used to develop microchannel designs for cell sorting applications. The transport of droplets can be manipulated by the flow behavior, electric fields, optical field among others. Complete understanding of droplet transport will need a thorough investigation of forces on droplet interface with detailed parametric study. Dr. Kondaraju uses LBM simulations and experiments to study the transport of droplets in microchannels.

While transport of droplets in microchannels finds it applications in biological applications, transport of micro-sized solids and droplets in turbulent fields is of interest in the field of environmental and industrial applications. Fundamental transport phenomena of solids can help in improving the aerosol models, and micro-droplet growth in turbulent flows can be used to improve the cloud formation models. D. Kondaraju uses numerical simulations to study these transport processes.

PhD students

Nilesh Pawar
Department of Mechanical Engineering
IIT Delhi
with Prof. Kale, IIT Delhi
MTech: IIT Kharagpur

Nilesh works on micro droplet condensation on surfaces with homogeneous and mixed wettability. His objective is to do a parametric study of textured mixed wettable surfaces and identify different regimes that occur during dropwise condensation He uses lattice Botlzmann simulations for his research.

Santosh Kumar Jena
School of Mechanical Sciences
IIT Bhubaneswar
MTech: VSSUT, Burla

Santosh works on droplet sorting.

MTech students

Himadri Sekar
School of Mechanical Sciences
IIT Bhubaneswar
BTech: Jalpaiguri Govt. Engineering College

Himadri works on electrokinetic mixing of ion species in microchannels by using lattice Boltzmann numerical simulations. His objective is to study the mixing of ion species while controlling the electric field.